Serving Charleston, SC and the surrounding area with a focus on Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island

Serving Charleston and Surrounding Areas

Be sure your home is watched by a professional with YOUR interests in mind and is bonded and insured for YOUR protection!

Who Looks Out For You As Storms Approach?

When storms are approaching and you aren’t here, who has your best interest in mind?

Things Can and Will Go Wrong in Your Unocuppied Home

Broken pipes, infestations, squatters, vandalism, broken HVAC, and other things can ruin your return home

Enjoy Your Time and Let Us Worry About the Details

We can meet your contractors and service people and take care of the details for you and report afterwards

Barrier Island Home Watch

A home in Charleston, SC, whether it is your permanent residence or a vacation getaway, is a prize to be treasured! Your time there is combined with great food and great people resulting in great times! But what happens to your home when you are away? One week, three months or more away can result in heart-breaking problems that can ruin your Charleston homecoming and cost you thousands of dollars.

What do you do when you are away? Who do you feel is trustworthy enough, better yet, knowledgeable enough, to look after your home well enough that is as committed to your home as you are? And if something happens, how do you hold a trusted neighbor, family friend or even a family member accountable for their lack of attention when?

You need a Home Watch Professional whose business is looking after your home!

Accredited by the National Home Watch Association

The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as “A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.” As an accredited member of the NHWA, Barrier Island Home Watch ascribes to the best practices of the Home Watch Industry and its Code of Ethics. We have been fully vetted including a background check and we are bonded and insured for YOUR protection.

Our Home Watch Services

Our services include weekly or bi-weekly home checks using state of the art inspection and reporting system based on our knowledge and experience customized to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide Concierge Services to make your home ready for your return, meet contractors or accept deliveries, or provide an emergency point of contact for your alarm company or HOA.

Local Full-Time Residents

While we serve Charleston and the surrounding area, our focus is primarily the Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island. We are full time residents and understand the seasonal requirements of home ownership in the area. Whether it is hurricane season, winter cold snaps or the stifling humidity of the summer months, you can be assured that we will give your home the attention you expect.

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